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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
MSNBC responds to Curtis affidavit

Olbermann response to programmer’s affidavit fails to ask tough questions, note Feeney ties

This from Keith Olbermann, the lone ‘reporter’ on the voting irregularity beat. Olbermann gets responses from Feeney, who seems to laugh at Curtis’ claims and gently threaten NBC with legal action.

Olbermann, however, gets some facts wrong – that Curtis was a ‘disgruntled’ employee is certainly in the eye of the beholder; on his departure, he was thrown a party and the company, Yang Enterprises, is said to have asked him to stay on. It’s certainly possible, however, that Curtis became a disgruntled employee long after he left.

Olbermann fails to note that Yang Enterprises has already lied about employing an illegal alien who later tried to export sensitive missile technology to China. He’s also failed to ask the FBI about an alleged investigation into Yang’s dealings about knowingly employing an illegal alien and falsifying his employment status to get him security clearances at NASA.

Also curious is that Olbermann takes Yang’s lawyer at his word – who was previously Rep. Feeney’s law partner and gave $1,500 to Feeney’s 2002 congressional campaign. Additionally, Olbermann does not actually confirm a police report exists on Curtis.

Meanwhile, he failed to interview Curtis entirely.


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