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Sunday, December 19, 2004
Theft of the Election, Redux.

Why 2000 was Prelude to 2004 -- and the Democratic Party Got Mugged a Second Time.


In case you missed it, an exhaustive 23,422-word Vanity Fair article, published just prior to the election (October), spilled the beans that at least four of the five Supreme Court justices who stole the election from Al Gore did it with willing forethought. And the fifth, Justice Kennedy, who came up with the hypocritical, convoluted reason for awarding the election to Bush, was probably just pretending to be "open-minded."

In short, the story, the first one to reveal the inside machinations of the infamous decision of 2000, confirmed that this wasn't a judicial decision that decided the election 4 years ago; it was a premeditated theft of democracy from the American voters.

The partisan choice of five justices -- led by the judicial right-wing molotov-cocktail throwing Nino Scalia -- outweighed the selection of the American people.

Why is this important now? Because it confirms that the Bush Cartel will do and did everything to win -- and it doesn't take a leap of imagination or common sense to speculate that with four years in office, they were able to heist the election this time without a nod and a wink to Nino and his right wing ship of judicially radical pirates.

What we forget in our focus on Ohio is that the Republicans, through dirty tricks, voter suppression and intimidation, faulty felons' lists, and the deep-sixing of tens of thousands of Kerry votes -- among other anti-democracy tactics -- probably had the election heisted before the polls even opened. They privatized the counting of votes of Americans and turned it over to companies deeply ensconced in the Republican camp and Republican politics, with checkered histories and Republican ownership. They intentionally mis-registered college students, threw away the registration forms of perhaps tens of thousands of Democrats, and lost more than 55,000 absentee ballots in Jewish/Democratic leaning Broward County, FL, alone. And this list is just for starters.

The Bush rogue regime was born a bastard child by a fixed Supreme Court vote and now controls the process by which any investigation of voting irregularities would be pursued. Indeed, Ken Blackwell, one of the two key Rove 2004 Katherine Harrises (along with Florida Secretary of State Hood), wrote Congressman John Conyers just this week that only the Department of Justice or the GAO had the authority to investigate voting in Ohio. So, two agencies under the Republicans, who Blackwell has just declared the winner of the Presidency, are the only ones Blackwell would allow to investigate their victory. It's a tactic worthy of Stalin -- and the Bush Cartel is one terrorist attack short of achieving full dictatorship powers, while the nation sleeps.

So what happened in the Supreme Court in the fateful days following the election of 2000? You should find someplace to read or still buy a back edition of the October, 2004, Vanity Fair, because they don't have the article we are about to discuss on their website (

Be patient, as we walk you through a few select, edited, passages from this pivotal journalistic article in the publication edited by Graydon Carter, author of "What We've Lost," a courageous man who continually exposes the Bush crimes against America and the world.

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