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Saturday, December 18, 2004
Green party leader says GOP donors have voting machine concerns, notes letter to discourage voters that mirrors Rove tactics

Cobb details disenfranchisement tactics, says GOP donors concerned about voting machines

By Larisa Alexandrovna | RAW STORY Staff

In an exclusive interview with RAW STORY, Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb expressed concern about broad attempts made to disenfranchise voters in Ohio, and asserted that even Republican donors are concerned about the manipulating of voting machines.

Cobb raised allegations of voting machine tampering by Hocking County elections official Sherole Eaton at a public hearing Monday, which was reported in the New York Times.

Possible tampering, according to Cobb, has large Republican donors very concerned. While they will not go on the record, Cobb said they wanted a transparent and honest election.

Cobb enumerated myriad issues in Ohio which have gone largely unreported. He cited longtime voters being taken off rolls, bogus letters and attempts to keep African Americans and college students from voting.

Some African American voters in Ohio received letters on NAACP letterhead telling them the wrong day to vote.

“African American voters received letters on stolen NAACP letterhead claiming that because of the expected high turnout, Republicans were asked to vote on Tuesday Nov. 2 and all other parties were being asked to vote on Thursday Nov. 4,” Cobb said.

Similarly, some Florida seniors received a letter directing them to vote on November third. Republicans have largely denied all such letters and calls, blaming Democrats instead of dirty tricks.

However, stealing letterhead and using it for political purposes mirrors a tactic of top presidential advisor Karl Rove.

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